what is digital signage?

Even if you don’t know the definition of digital signage, you probably know more about this popular platform than you think.

Digital displays are all around us and you have likely engaged with one in the past week. From videos at the gas pump and programming in a waiting area to check-in kiosks at the airport and maps in hotels, digital signs entertain and inform customers in businesses of all shapes and sizes.

But if you are still scratching your head wondering, “What is digital signage?” — here is a guide to explain each element of this powerful communication method.

What Does Digital Signage Look Like?

These simplest way to describe digital signage is a display tool used to convey information to customers. But it’s so much more than that.

Digital signs can be used across all customer touch points in a business, and their applications are almost endless. While they are primarily employed in the following ways, a business can modify digital signage to meet any of their unique needs. 

Video Display Screens:

The most common digital signs are video screens that display information through custom text, videos, animations, and graphics.


Interactive Digital Signs:

With interactive digital signage, customers don’t just watch the screen, they engage with it. The sign acts as a customer touch point and allows visitors to choose options, enter information, and control content.


Wayfinding Boards:

While static maps don’t offer customization or real-time updates, digital wayfinding boards provide custom directions for visitors and offer business owners the ability to revise and alter information at any time.


Digital Menu Boards:

It’s not uncommon for restaurants to regularly change and revise their menus. With digital menu boards, restaurant owners can quickly make changes to their menus, all while displaying enticing visuals of food to their customers.


The flexibility of digital signage makes it easy to mix these elements and create a custom experience for businesses and customers.

Where Can You Place Digital Signage?

Digital signs can appear at all possible customer touch points within a business. Those touch points will vary with each business, but they usually include the following locations.

  • In Waiting Rooms
  • In Exam Rooms
  • At the Entrance of a Building
  • Around Product Displays
  • Near Service Counters
  • Near Check-Out Lines
  • Outside of a Business
  • In Dining Areas

When identifying places where you could use digital signage in your business, consider all of the locations where your customers spend time. Think about how you could use digital information to improve their experience at those spots.

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